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Customer support Engineer

2-3 years


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As a Customer Support Engineer at Elmeasure, based in Bangalore, you will play a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction by providing remote online and telephonic support for hardware and software related complaints. Reporting to the customer support manager, your responsibilities will encompass a range of tasks to guarantee effective issue resolution and support services.


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Provide telephonic support for hardware complaints, addressing customer concerns promptly.

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Offer remote-online support for software-related issues, demonstrating expertise in Energy Metering software applications.

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Collaborate with field engineers for on-site visits if issues persist beyond remote assistance.

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Ensure daily updating of ticket statuses in relevant groups, online portals, and emails.

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Solicit and compile Feedback Ratings for all assigned tickets to gauge customer satisfaction.

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Handle the invoicing of service support charges for assigned tickets.

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Take charge of booking new Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) and ensuring timely renewal of existing ones.


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Excellent understanding of Electrical & Energy Metering hardware and Software Applications.

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Proficiency in industry-standard communication protocols like Modbus, BACnet, OPC, LoRa, MQTT, GPRS, ZigBee, etc.

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Thorough understanding of SQL, VB, or any Database Application software.

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Self-motivated with a ready-to-travel attitude and a strong customer-centric approach.

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Effective verbal and written communication skills.

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Knowledge of Pre-paid and Post-paid Energy Metering hardware and software

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