Manual Transfer Switches

Cost-effective and Reliable power switching solutions.
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The MTS series offers you a safe, reliable and cost-effective way of switching power between your primary and secondary power sources, for a wide variety of non-critical applications with loads ranging from 63A up to 1600A. These are compact devices that have simplified wiring connections for easy installation, have high short-circuit withstand capacity, suit harsh environmental conditions and are free from maintenance. 

Salient Features

High short-circuit withstand capacity

Quick-make & quick-break operation for transferring of loads

Operating handle with provision to lock in ON/OFF position

Safest changeover during the failure of a primary source

Facilitate easy installation and simplified wiring connections

Rugged design to compact environmental conditions


Generator OEM’s

Commercial buildings

Automobile Industry & Manufacturing Industry

Power distribution and Load Management

Quick Pick
Model Number Parameter
MTS 63A-4P 63A, 4 Poles
MTS 100A-4P 100A, 4 Poles
MTS 125A-4P 125A, 4 Poles
MTS 160A-4P 160A, 4 Poles
MTS 200A-4P 200A, 4 Poles
MTS 250A-4P 250A, 4 Poles
MTS 320A-4P 320A, 4 Poles
MTS 400A-4P 400A, 4 Poles
MTS 630A-4P 630A, 4 Poles
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