Accl (Automatic Source Changeover with Current Limiter) For a seamless, uninterrupted changeover between power sources. Accl Changeover Switch manufacturers in India
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ACCL | Automatic Source Changeover Current Limiter | Frequency | Energy 

Salient Features

Microcontroller based automatic source changeover with neutral isolation

Intelligent re-connection once trip has occurred due to either overvoltage or overload

Optional iACCL with Prepaid Metering feature can be given for DG side

Individual phase overload monitoring in 3 phase ACCL & overvoltage protection for DG

Power supply can be restored from sleep mode through MCB/Manual provision/ Mobile APP


ACCL perform intelligent tripping to save the age of the cables

Reduced wiring cost as single phase ACCL has separate control for power and lighting load

Automate power distribution, protect expensive equipment and prevent fatal risks

ACCL Logic for Currents up to 120 Amps is available

Quick Pick
Model Number Parameter Programming Guide
iACCL 100 - 25/32A Single Phase, Lighting Load & Power load
iACCL M400 - 25/32A Single Phase, Lighting Load Only
iACCL 400 without Display, 25/32A Single Phase, Without display
iACCL M300 - Upto 40A DG: V,I,F, & EB: I (Three Phase)
iACCL M300 - 63A to 80A DG: V,I,F, & EB: I (Three Phase)
iACCL M300 - 100 to 125A DG: V,I,F, & EB: I (Three Phase)
iACCL M330 - 40A EB:3P+N, DG:1P+N
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