DC Energy Meter

Smart device for all renewal energy resources
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Modbus Register

Multi-channel DC Energy | Voltage/Current full scale

Salient Features

Multiple channels can be measured by a single meter, EN2450N & EN2450D

Differential current input for all the current channels

Programmable shunt secondary 50mV to 100mV

Programmable CT Primary for all channels up to 200A - for Hall Effect CT

Data logging for parameters such as Energy, Load hours and Ampere hours

Easy installation,Compact size, weight and simple wiring


DC Measurement

Equipment Monitoring

Genset, Solar and UPS applications

In control panel to measure different electrical loads

Quick Pick
Model Number Parameter Programming Guide
EDC 4100 V, A, W, Wh (Ah + LH Optional) - 4 channel
EDC 1100 V, A, W, Wh (Ah + LH Optional) - Single channel
EN 2500D Hall Effect CT, rating upto 200A,1 voltage channel and 4 current channels
EN 2450N DC Shunt, rating 50mV to 100mV,1 voltage channel and 4 current channels
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