Earth Leakage Relay

Detect the leakage current in an intelligent electrical device
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Modbus Register

Earth leakage current | Trip time

Salient Features

Inverse curve - Trip time to leakage current

Field programmable trip current and trip time through front panel keys with password protection

Continuous leakage current display (Programmable)

Continuous Display of Trip Leakage current (Programmable)

Continuous scrolling display for set Current and set Time


Protects control panels and switch boards from flame leakage

Protects motors / transformers / feeders / DG etc.,

Complete protection for oil refineries, pulp industries, mining industry, electrical distribution & control engineering

Quick Pick
Model Number Parameter Programming Guide
iELR - CBCT (60, 100, 150) Leakage current / Trip setting time & trip current
iELR - CBCT (200, 250, 300) Leakage current / Trip setting time & trip current
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