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An attempt not made to save energy is ultimate loss for any enterprise that consumes lot of energy. Get visibility to your enterprise data with a solution customized for you that can measure, monitor, save your energy losses & returns your investment utmost in an year.

An IoT based comprehensive platform that allows all your connected devices, machines to be monitored & communicated to help you transform, track assets, returns, efficiency, and production.

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Energy Management System (ELNET) Introduction Video

What exactly an energy management system offers?

energy management system
  • Elmeasure Energy Management System is a centralized IoT platform that performs periodic assessments to monitor, measure and perform predictive analysis to help enterprises elevate their productivity and efficiency.

    Energy Management System is a platform that helps Residential complexes, manufacturing plants, commercial buildings to define & suggest what all the possible areas to save energy.

    • Improve strategic energy management capabilities.

    • Build the case to leadership on the value of energy management and gain additional support.

    • Improve control and transparency of energy costs and budgets.

    • Improve operational efficiency.

    • Facilitate demand response and energy purchasing. Energy is not an expenditure; it is an asset where the monitored & controlled utilization can bring a lot of saving.

    • There are various reasons people say to choose our products & solutions:

    • The salient feature of our EMS is being customer-centric and our approach was the solution to their problems.

    • Elmeasure's ability to take up the challenging customization based on the customer needs, delivering the tailored solution to serve the needs and above all our support & service.

    • The explicit feature of Energy Management System by Elmeasure are:

    • Cloud & On-premises Adaptability

    • Compatible with multiple platforms & operating system Deployment flexibility & better-facilitated management Multiple Database & Unified Portal

    • Connect with all business units Cluster visibility with reduced manpower Device Management

    • Multiple device connectivity

    • Predictive Maintenance