Solenoid ATS

Seamless switching between sources for uninterrupted supply. Automatic Transfer Switch manufactures in India
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Overload Tripping Logic | Automatic DG Start/Stop | Fire/External Fault Trip | Safe and Rapid Switching | Automatic Transfer

Salient Features

ATS-W2H open transition switch are built for standard applications requiring the dependability and ease of operations.

Applications EB-DG,EB-EB,DG-DG and UPS-UPS

High End utilization category: AC33A/33B

Certified IECEE&CCC Certified to GB/T 14048.11.2008 and EN/IEC 60947-7-6-1 Automatic Transfer Switch

Optimal design of 63A through 250A driven by dual driving mechanism

RS-485 communication for Remote monitoring/controlling


Automobile Industry, Airport and Railways

Banking and Finance, IT, Malls & Commercial Buildings

Automatic transfer switch for commercial centers, manufacturing, medical facilities, and data centers.

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