Energy & Process Monitor

Device to measure energy & process together
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Modbus Register

Real-Time Monitoring | Improve Productivity

Salient Features

Real time monitoring and reporting

Composite system with EMS and PEMS

Desired reports like, Doff wise, shift wise, count wise, production, energy, UKG

Speed Vs Kw curve, trends, bar graphs, comparisons

Alerts on higher UKG, lesser production, utilization & power fluctuations.

Maintenance alerts based on run hours production cost analysis - Cost Audits - Energy Audits


Energy savings will bring down operational cost & increases the plant efficiency

Scheduling of preventive maintenance

Higher productivity- Lesser downtime

Effective utilization of manpower and resources

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Model Number Parameter Programming Guide
EPM 5110 VLL, VLN, AMP, Hz, W, VA, PF, Wh, LH, OLD, Process parameters, 3DI / 2AI
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