Power Quality Meter

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Salient Features

Power quality is a high accuracy metering with class 0.5/Class 0.2S

Measurement of THD and harmonics up to 63 rd order is possible with power quality meter

Power quality meter provides demand update every second for VA,KW & KVAR

Representation of waveform for instantaneous V,I, harmonics,Sag/Swell

Captures and measures power quality events: flicker, K factor, crest factor,sag/swell, interruption & unbalance


Monitoring critical load,incomers, and HT panels

Utility billing in Apartments and commercial complexes

Measuring energy variants in Building Management system

Measuring power & energy variants in Gensets, Test benches, and the laboratories

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Model Number Parameter
NP 8710 V, I, F, VA, W,VAr, Power Quality, RD, Demand
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