Motor Protection System

One stop solution for motor protection
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Modbus Register

Voltage | Overload | Frequency | PF | Single phasing | Unbalance loading of voltage and current | Neutral current | Phase revers

Salient Features

Programmable ‘start time’ from sensing safe condition

Programmable relay status High or Low for safe, 2 relay for alarm and trip

Detect winding shorts, cable loss

Store the reasons for tripping future correction

Safe/Alarm/Trip indication for on-line view


A comprehensive solution for protection of motors/equipment against voltage, overload, frequency, PF, single phasing, winding short, unbalance, etc.

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Model Number Parameter Programming Guide
MPU 5110 VLL, VLN, AMP, Hz, W, VA, PF, Wh, LH, OLD
MPS 8000
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