Power Quality Meter

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Multifunction Meter | Power quality | Load Manager | Demand controller | Power quality | Harmonics

Salient Features

Power quality meter displays waveform for instantaneous V,I, harmonics,Sag/Swell with data storage upto 14GB

Measurement of THD and harmonics up to 63 rd order is possible with power quality meter

Captures and measures power quality events: flicker, K factor, crest factor,sag/swell, interruption & unbalance

TOD option for energy & demand upto 8 slots

Power quality meter monitors performance & availability of devices using inbuilt MQTT & TCP/IP protocol

Power quality meter is an ideal choice for remote monitoring of devices via M2M software platform


Monitoring critical load,incomers, and HT panels

Utility billing in Apartments and commercial complexes

Measuring energy variants in Building Management system

Measuring power & energy variants in Gensets, Test benches, and the laboratories

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iM 8000 V, I, F, VA, W,VAr, Power Quality, RD, Demand
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