Securipax Packing Pvt Ltd, a prominent paper and packaging manufacturer based in Delhi, has demonstrated over five decades of unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. As an industry stalwart, the company boasts a formidable production capacity, averaging 3 to 4 tons per day. Strengthened by recent successes, Securipax Packing Pvt Ltd now stands at the threshold of an exciting expansion phase. Their journey, marked by resilience and determination, defines true success.

Securipax Packing Pvt Ltd, like any other packaging manufacturer, operates various machinery such as laminating machines, slotting machines, die-cutting machines, etc. One of their paramount challenges was to enhance the performance of these machines. Renowned for their expertise in paper and packaging, the key to their success lies in the precision, speed, and health of their machinery. With plans for a new manufacturing facility, they also needed an electrical system that not only suited their current building plan but could scale effectively to seamlessly accommodate expansion.

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Elmeasure's LV Switchgear range, including MCCB, ACB, Contactors, and Automatic Transfer Switches, seamlessly addresses the unique challenges faced by Securipax Packing Pvt Ltd. Elmeasure solutions empower Securipax to precisely measure and analyze their facility's performance. This capability facilitates informed decision-making for continuous improvement. low-voltage switchgear is equipped with advanced safety features and protection mechanisms, which ensures the well-being of Securipax's workforce while safeguarding their electrical panels. This results in reduced downtime, and optimized energy usage translates into substantial cost savings for...

Securipax experienced enhanced performance measurement with accurate real-time data on its electrical system, enabling informed decision-making. Elmeasure's switch gears seamlessly accommodated the company's expansion plans, alleviating worries about electrical panel failures. The implementation of advanced safety and protection mechanisms ensured a secure environment for equipment. This comprehensive approach resulted in a substantial improvement in the overall efficiency of Securipax's electrical infrastructure, leading to reduced downtime and costs.

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