Lohagaon Airport located at Viman Nagar, Pune is expanded with a new 4 storey multi-level parking facility to solve the parking hassle for passengers. Having conveyor systems, elevators and well-designed lighting infrastructures built-in, this state-of-the-art amenity can park up to 3000 cars at any point in time. 

People who fly often have tight schedules. Whether the lights go out or a conveyor system goes off due to a power failure, people don’t have time to wait around before it comes back online. The infrastructures built should ensure that vehicles get through parking systems in and out quickly and seamlessly, with a high level of regularity, reliability, and comfort. 

For such high-demanding environments, an industrial-grade automatic transfer switch that instantaneously switches the electrical load to the backup source during a mains failure is vital. After careful due diligence and analysis of available models, ELMEASURE’s Solenoid based ATS was chosen as it met all the criteria: high-speed switching capabilities, a feature-rich product offering multiple benefits yet cost-effective. Additionally, it offers a quick delivery service and pan-India support with 18 months warranty.

ATS does more than just fast switching. 

  • Offers faster switching capabilities (<100mS)
  •  Prevent voltage imbalances and arcing with the neutral overlapping design 
  •  Protects against under/over voltage, under/over 
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Pune International Airport
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