Lohagaon Airport, (Pune International Airport) situated in Viman Nagar, Pune, has undergone expansion, featuring a new four-storey multi-level parking facility designed to alleviate parking challenges for passengers. Equipped with conveyor systems, elevators, and well-designed lighting infrastructure, this state-of-the-art amenity can accommodate up to 3000 cars simultaneously

Frequent flyers typically adhere to tight schedules. Whether it's a sudden power outage affecting the lights or a disruption in the conveyor system, individuals don't have the luxury of waiting for things to come back online. Infrastructures need to be designed to ensure swift and seamless movement of vehicles through parking systems. This process should occur with a high degree of regularity, reliability, and comfort.

In high-demand environments, the importance of an industrial-grade automatic transfer switch is vital This switch instantaneously redirects the electrical load to the backup source in the event of a mains failure, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. After thorough due diligence and analysis of various models, ELMEASURE's Solenoid-based ATS stood out as the ideal choice. It not only met all the criteria, including high-speed switching capabilities but also provided a feature-rich solution with multiple benefits at a cost-effective price point. Furthermore, ELMEASURE offers swift delivery service and comprehensive pan-India support, backed by an 18-month...

ATS goes beyond fast switching, offering switching capabilities in less than 100 milliseconds. Its neutral overlapping design prevents voltage imbalances and arcing, providing enhanced safety. The ATS ensures protection against under/over voltage, under/over frequency, Phase sequence issues, and overloads. Its compact design facilitates easy installation, saving valuable panel space. Solenoid-ATS can seamlessly connect to Building Management Systems (BMS) or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications, enabling remote monitoring of power systems. This comprehensive solution aligns with the need for efficiency and reliability in dynamic...

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