Founded in 1999, EssCee Enterprises has evolved into a prominent entity in the printing and packaging sector. Situated in the industrial hub of Peenya, Bangalore, the company operates from a sprawling 60,000 sq/ft facility. With a robust daily production capacity of 12 lakh cartons, EssCee Enterprises runs its printing resources round the clock, garnering the trust of renowned global brands and internationally reputed companies through the consistent delivery of high-quality services. However, in an industry where even a 15-minute downtime can incur substantial costs, EssCee Enterprises remains committed to uninterrupted excellence.

On an average day, EssCee Enterprises produces over 200 large-format prints per minute per printer, utilizing a diverse range of machines such as multi-color printers, auto die-cutters, and carton folder gluers. When operating at this scale, every minute is crucial. Unfortunately, their Manual Transfer Switches (MTS) proved to be far from reliable. Jammed handles not only hindered their electricians but also increased downtime by 15 minutes, resulting in lost revenue and compromised customer satisfaction. Given their reputation for quality and service, sticking with manual changeovers was a luxury EssCee Enterprises couldn't afford.

EssCee Enterprises established rigorous criteria for their automatic switching requirements: reliability, an industrial-grade design, and redundancy against power failures. ELMEASURE's Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) not only met these crucial criteria but also offered a feature-rich yet cost-effective solution. Additionally, the combination of prompt delivery and an 18-month warranty made the decision an evident and compelling choice.

EssCee Enterprises has remarkably reduced asset downtime from 15 to 3-5 minutes, enhancing productivity and cost-effectiveness. This achievement is attributed to automated monitoring, improved electrical reliability, maintenance-free operations, integration capabilities, and emergency preparedness. The enterprise's commitment to these principles underscores a more agile, reliable, and efficient operational framework.

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