Energy Billing System

Do you often pay penalties for crossing contract demand? Generating the accurate energy bill for each tenant is a daunting task? Struggling to realize the common area energy charges?

Manage Electrical power efficiently with ElMeasure’s unique Energy Billing System (EBS) and relax!!

The EBS generates the individual tenant bill and consolidated bill with just one click. Common area power charges are automatically calculated and distributed between the users based on floor area. This gives complete confidence to the user and great relief to the Service provider.

Option of data entry for No. of slabs, Slab rates, Fixed charges, Bill no. & Date, Tax percentage, Special instructions, Miscellaneous charges etc. Other billing information like Registration Nos, Terms and conditions etc.. can also be integrated in the bill. Dual Source Energy Meters are used to read EB as well as DG energy consumption.

Reports generated are:
  • Energy Bill for any shop/office/residence/meter
  • Consolidated Energy Bill
DC Energy Meter

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