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Why Manage Energy?

In today's world, energy and demand costs have skyrocketed and certainly impact any industry's balance sheet. To control energy cost, the consumer must gain answers to these questions: How much energy is used? What are the major loads? When and Where electrical energy is used the most? Finally, how much does it cost? It is also important to understand the quality of the power being received.Poor power quality reduces productivity and is detrimental to equipment, which can drive down a company's profits.

Energy Management System - Software

The Energy Monitoring System is appropriate for Industries, manufacturing plants, commercial buildings or any situation where an electrical system is used. The system provides a centralized Power Monitoring and Control facility. The Energy Management System leads to savings in the overall cost. These savings may be from better utilization of manpower, savings in the energy consumption, non breakdowns in the system etc.

ELMeasures ELNet a windows based software helps gain access to access to a complete profile of systems, products and applications.

Meters fitted at critical load centres capture data on real time basis which is then presented in wide spectrum of reports, charts, and trends. This forms a very effective analytical tool for the users to identify the wastages, losses; study equipment efficiency; prevent equipment breakdowns; plan preventive maintenance; specific energy study; plan continuous process improvement etc.

The analysis derived from the real-time and accurate data decision making could be highly qualitative.

The software also gives alarms for user defined parameters and threshold levels. This would help the user to optimize energy consumption and improve productivity while lowering the energy costs.

Additionally it would provide accurate billing information and pre-paid metering typically used for commercial and apartment complexes.
Software packages are derived from the total no. of meters installed. ELNet can be connected with minimum 1 meter to maximum 512 meters.The software is easily configurable with single or multiple COM ports or TCP-IP port.

ELNet is a client server based software architecture that enables the user to view online/offline data and generate reports in other PC's on a LAN Network with an ADD on software ELNET LAN View.

ELNet Optional Features
  • Integration with other meter brands
  • Prepaid Metering Software solution
  • SLD/Email/SMS and control applications
  • EMS with ABT features
  • EMS for Solar Power Generation

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Elmeasure has achieved another milestone by Introducing Web Based ELNet / Intranet Based ELNet for customers.
This inturn helps to monitor energy from anywhere in the Globe / within Local Area Network.

Get the feel of Web Based ELNet see now
  • Twisted pair cable
  • Remote data access using GPRS / GSM modem
  • Ethernet LAN Cable
  • Remote data access using Ethernet gateway
  • Fiber Optics Cable
  • Wireless RF
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  • Cost effective, user friendly configuration and operation
  • User level security controls
  • Faster data scan
  • No tag limitation, all parameters of the networked meter can be viewed
  • Alarm for all the parameters can be configured
  • Variety of online data representation
  • Database backup and restore option
  • Powerful Electricity Billing information, Bill Payments, Feeder/customer wise/consolidated and history of Bills
  • Reports readily available like Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/TOD/Shift/Flexi/Data Log/Alarms/Min Max
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Reports readily available viz;
  • Hourly Energy Report
  • Daily Energy Report
  • Weekly Energy Report
  • Monthly Energy Report
  • Yearly Energy report
  • TOD Energy Report
  • Shift Energy Report
  • Flexi Energy Report
  • Data Log Book Report
  • Alarms Report
  • Min Max Report

Energy Billing System
  • Consolidated Bills
  • Individual Bills
  • Old Bills
  • Bill Payment Receipt
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