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Research and Development

A Team of Creative Thinkers

ELMeasure's Research and Design team forms the nucleus of the organization, providing innovative and quick custom built solutions. Technology and reliability are built into our products at the design level meeting stringent national and international standards. The design ream has excelled expectations by introducing products that are technologically superior, built to suit both Indian and global conditions. Constant innovation through research and development and the ability to provide customized solutions have put ELMeasure at the forefront.

  • A young dynamic group of engineers with over two decades of experience in the field of energy management have introduced products and services contributing towards a greener tomorrow
  • A team of engineers committed to producing technologically superior products designed to meet the needs of the market
  • A methodical consistent approach using maths and engineering techniques to develop superior solutions to meet energy conservations goals
  • A commitment to keep our customer's need in mind while developing new products and services giving our clients a competitive edge
  • Visionaries that develop designs and futuristic products with tomorrows need in mind
  • A constant desire to improve helps us to reexamine and redesign products to suit present conditions
  • A design lab that produces designs with production in mind to reduce human error and employ the best manufacturing processes available in the industry
  • An ability to provide complex solutions using technology that employs the latest software practices for real-time operating results
  • The ability of the team to provide customized solutions to meet the specific need of the customer, enabling the end user to increase efficiency
  • A track record for new product development that speaks for itself. Several products introduced into the market with a distinction of being a first in India
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