Building Energy Management System

A Building Energy Management System (BEMS) is a computer-based system that automatically monitors and controls a range of building services, including air conditioning, ventilation, heating, lighting and other consumers of energy within the building or sometimes groups of buildings. The functional aim of BEMS is to manage the environment within a building, so that energy use perfectly balances the way in which the building is used.

  • IT parks
  • Hospitals
  • Club Houses
  • Malls and commercial establishments
  • Industries
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hotels
  • Villas and residential buildings etc.
  • Lighting Controls: Daylight harvesting, occupancy based controls, wireless switching
  • HVAC Controls: AHU / FCU controls, Compressor Operation monitoring and control, chiller monitoring and control, ventilation controlling system, Temperature / Pressure / Humidity / CO2 control, Thermal (BTU) Meter Bulling.
  • Level / Flow Automation: Level monitoring and control.
  • Water Management System: Pump Automation, Water Meters.
  • Fire Alarm System: Addressable, Conventional and Wireless.
  • CCTV System: Analog cameras, IP based Cameras, Web based monitoring system.
  • Access Control System: Time based attendance system, Boom barrier system, Hotel lock management system.
  • Battery Management system: Monitoring the performance of battery.
  • Smart Plug: Monitoring and control of electrical loads through Smart Phone with android application.
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