DC Energy Meter - Load Manager

One more milestone - Elmeasure - proves that one of the best energy management system providers is multi channel DC energy meter.

It measures the 4 channels of common voltage, current,watts,enegy independently. It has an optional AH and load hrs which enable better load study.

  • Battery chargers (Elmeasure has a unique option of reverse lock, in which charging energy can be accumulated by blocking discharging energy)
  • Solar Energy measurements
  • DC generators
  • DC loads (like inverters, Telecom equipments etc.,)
  • Elmeasure’s unique option the digital output can be utilized by the user to shut down loads/trigger alarms when ever voltage reaches below certain level or to switch OFF – ON charging circuit automatically
DC Energy Meter
  • Single meter measures Multiple channels and True RMS measurements.
  • Differential current input for all the current channels.
  • Voltage Full scale programmable.
  • Current full scale programmable independently.
  • Reverse lock option for not accumulating the reverse current energy. This can be used for the better study of charging and discharging circuit.
  • Programmable shunt secondary 50mV to 75mV.
  • Auto-scaling of kilo & mega decimal point.
  • Energy display programmable-counter based or resolution based.
  • Energy resetting at 999999K* multiplication factor.
  • Displays Voltage, four channels Current, four channel energy in the bright single row 6 digits.
  • Optional RS485 communication.
  • Optional single digital output with the programmable delay.
  • Displays Voltage, four channels Current, Watts and Energy.
  • Optional Load hours (LH) and Amps hours (Ah).
  • Optional RS485 communication.
  • Optional two digital output with the programmable delay.
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