Intelliegent Earth Leakage Realy (iELR)

Elmeasure a trend setter has introduced this for the first time in industry incorporating high performance microcontroller based IELR with 4digit 7 segments RED bright Digital display, which is very unique as compared to other’s conventional ELRs.

Microcontroller based Peak detection and value display. Provides faster and reliable protection to the expensive equipments.

  • Protects control panels and switch boards from flame leakage
  • Protects motors / transformers / feeders / DG etc., against earth leakage
  • Hazardous and sensitive industries like oil refineries / pulp industries / electrical distribution can be protected
  • Complete protection for control engineering and mining industry
Intelligent Earth Leakage Relay

  • True RMS measurement
  • Clearance and Creepage distance meets UL 508 Safety standard
  • Inverse curve - Trip time is inversely proportional to leakage current. This ELR is Intelligent, when the Leakage current is 10 times higher than the set current it trips 10 times faster.Inverse curve
  • Field programmable trip current and trip time through front panel keys with password protection
  • Continuous leakage current display (Programmable) –Leakage current display to enable the user understand the quality of Electrical network / Machine online. This can be disabled through setup.
  • Continuous Display of Trip Leakage current (Programmable) Leakage current continously displayed to enhance the user to understand the quality of Electrical network / Machine online.This can be displayed through setup if required
  • Continuous scrolling display for set Current and set Time.
  • Wide input range 300mA to 12A and the trip time programmable from 300ms to 30 seconds.
  • Manual test and Reset Keys
  • RS485 Communication Option
  • Accuracy : Class 2FS
  • Input voltage : 80 - 300 V AC/DC
  • Input current : Programmable from 300mA - 12A
  • Tripping Time Programmable : 0.3sec to 30sec
  • Core Balance CT Type : Tape wound
  • CBCT : Round tape wound (Epoxy dipped option), Rectangular - Tape wound
  • Relay Contacts : One pair potential free NO & NC contacts
  • Contact Rating : 2 Amps/ 240 V AC / 24V DC
  • Mounting Type : Flush
  • Dimensions in mm :
  • Communication : RS485 serial channel connection industry standard , Modbus RTU protocol, Baud rate : 1200 bps to 19200 bps. (Prefered 9600bps), Isolation : 2000 volts AC isolation for 1 minute between communication and other circuits.
  • Mechanical Specification : Dimension Bezel: 96 × 96 mm (Depth 50mm behind bezel)
  • Higher Technological Advantage
  • Helps Analysis and Corrective Action
  • Security against mishandling
  • No limitations on Set Current
  • Wider choice to suit different industry
  • Better IP Protection and Longer Life
  • Helps Online Loss Analysis
  • Faster and Reliable Protection
  • Better Analysis
  • Higher Reliability
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